Y-you want to commission me? I’m so honored.

Too bad I’ve no clue what to charge. I’m more than open to negotiation. Respect that I’m not too dumb and not too desperate (though I do accept “exposure” as pay, depending on your reach/audience).

For grayscale sketches, ~15$

For my rough[ish]-lined but full style (color, shading (blended+cel), basic (might be drawn or photomanip) bg), ~50$

For things that have some higher degree of rendering, can hit the ~100$ region.

Prices are for one and a half characters (as in, if they’re both like half-body size).

Max of 2 characters in a piece, and I require visual reference [preferably with color].

Please shoot me an email at syotako23@protonmail.com if interested.
Paypal, USD.